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99 Business Traveler Tricks

Up, up, aaaand away! For many of us, the sky isn't merely a backdrop to our daily lives, but a second home, a pathway to success, and a space where we forge connections that fuel our careers. We spend quite some time up in the air, hopping from city to city, country to country, pursuing opportunities, closing deals, and expanding our horizons. Being a business traveler is not just about catching flights and attending meetings. It's about making the most of every journey, staying productive on the go, and ensuring comfort and efficiency every step of the way. It's a blend of art and science, tact and talent, preparation and spontaneity. That's why I've compiled a list of 99 items, a comprehensive guide that encompasses everything you need to know as a savvy business traveler...
Fritz Oberhummer

Fast, Faster, SEO-fast!

Page speed has become a major SEO factor in 2012 and also as a primary factor for user experience of your site: if your site does not load fast enough your potential visitors will be

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Winding Tree, the blockchain startup, has its flaws
Fritz Oberhummer

Das Ende der Ranking Abfrage?

Durch “Google Search, plus Your World” werden sich die SERPs wohl komplett verändern, jeder wird Zukünftig seine eigenen Ergebnisse bekommen, je nach Empfehlung von Anderen. Doch wie wirkt sich das auf Ranking Reports aus? Hier

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My education

Foundations of my education have been formed here

Tourism Academy

My degree in "Tourism Management" to kick off my career


Macromedia University

Bachelors Degree in "Media Managment" with hons.

FOM University

A Masters in Business Administration, summa cum laude

Who is "Lobster Up the Sea"?

“Lobster Up the Sea” are the personal musings of Fritz Oberhummer, a travel and technology professional. If you want to connect directly you can do this right here: LinkedIn (PS: The nick-name comes from my German name being translated into English, just in case if you were wondering ;)

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