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The future of travel is deviceless

Travel is change -  the shift from historic, personalized travel to today's impersonal, technology-driven experience has propelled the industry to new heights.

But where do we go next? What role will "Digital Transformation" have in travel? And who will we close the final leg between "online and offline, in real time"...?

Find here my thoughts for 2024 and forward - after all its as always the delicate balance between the human touch and technology in creating memorable, efficient travel experiences.

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Fritz Oberhummer

SEO/SEM Strategy Analyst needed – join us!

So you are ready to take your online marketing expertise to the next level? Work with our partners across the globe on exiting SEM/SEO and Inbound marketing projects? Then join us at the Expedia Affiliate

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Fritz Oberhummer

Fast, Faster, SEO-fast!

Page speed has become a major SEO factor in 2012 and also as a primary factor for user experience of your site: if your site does not load fast enough your potential visitors will be

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My education

Foundations of my education have been formed here

Tourism Academy

My degree in "Tourism Management" to kick off my career


Macromedia University

Bachelors Degree in "Media Managment" with hons.

FOM University

A Masters in Business Administration, summa cum laude

Who is "Lobster Up the Sea"?

“Lobster Up the Sea” are the personal musings of Fritz Oberhummer, a travel and technology professional. The nick-name comes from my German name being translated into English, just in case if you were wondering ;)

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