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The future of travel is deviceless

Travel is change -  the shift from historic, personalized travel to today's impersonal, technology-driven experience has propelled the industry to new heights.

But where do we go next? What role will "Digital Transformation" have in travel? And who will we close the final leg between "online and offline, in real time"...?

Find here my thoughts for 2024 and forward - after all its as always the delicate balance between the human touch and technology in creating memorable, efficient travel experiences.

Business Travel
Fritz Oberhummer

99 Business Traveler Tricks

Up, up, aaaand away! For many of us, the sky isn’t merely a backdrop to our daily lives, but a second home, a pathway to success, and a space where we forge connections that fuel

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How the principle of Health, Wealth and Love governs your job life
Business Philosophy
Fritz Oberhummer

How the principles of “Health, Wealth and Love” govern your joblife

No doubt, we currently live in troubled times; but for the history of mankind this hardly news and the only constant always ever has been “change and challenge”, leaving its mark on all of those who came before us. To countersteer the many effects which such times bring (anxiety, stress, fear, hate) many ancient societies

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Picture from my passport aobut September 14th 2011
Fritz Oberhummer

COVID19: A bit of hope for you!

“SEP 14 2001” – this date should give all of you hope! Because it relates to a personal story that happened in times of global uncertainty, fear and a “black swan” event that left humanity

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Expedia Affiliate Network
Fritz Oberhummer

Setting new standards for travel technology

The pace of evolution in travel technology is staggering: about 6 years ago, when I took up my position at Expedia Partner Solutions (back then called “EAN – Expedia Affiliate Network”), I came into early

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blockchain for travel: winding tree
Fritz Oberhummer

Why “Bitcoin for Travel” is flawed…

Whereas Bitcoin only a few years ago was being laughed at as the currency of some true online nerds, the situation especially with the arrival of Ethereum, the next generation Bitcoin which then additionally holds

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My education

Foundations of my education have been formed here

Tourism Academy

My degree in "Tourism Management" to kick off my career


Macromedia University

Bachelors Degree in "Media Managment" with hons.

FOM University

A Masters in Business Administration, summa cum laude

Who is "Lobster Up the Sea"?

“Lobster Up the Sea” are the personal musings of Fritz Oberhummer, a travel and technology professional. The nick-name comes from my German name being translated into English, just in case if you were wondering ;)

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